Government and Heirarchy

The Aztecs gained land in their empire by conquering other city-states.

The people in the conqured city-states had to honor the Aztecs through tributes. The leader of the Aztecs (the emperor) lead the Aztecs into many wars and conquests. The most famous emporer of the Aztecs was Monctezuma.

The highest rank in the hierarchy was the rank of the emperor. The social classes included: Tecuhtli-almost as much power as the emperor.They ruled the city-states. Pipiltin-also known as the noble class. This social class could wear special clothes that other classes below them couldn’t wear. The king was chosen from the Pipiltin. Pochteca-social class of merchants. Macehualtin-were the common people who were farmers, warriors and craftsmen. Slaves-were the lowest class but owners were not allowed to mistreat them The wealthy people lived in better houses with stone or brick while poorer people lived in huts with one or two rooms